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I'm married with 2 grown kids and their spouses. We have 3 adopted fur babies! I'm retired and have just embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! Brad and I are now full-time RVers! I spend my time walking the dogs, baking, crocheting, knitting, reading novels, and writing. I have a couple of chronic illnesses, so life can be challenging. I do my best to meet the challenges head on! This blog is where I can share different things that I learn along the way, as well as stories I make up! Thanks for joining me!

The Monster in Grandma’s House

Suddenly they heard a noise! It was a scary, growling kind of noise.

Their eyes grew big in the darkness of the screen porch.

“The noise was coming from the inside house!

Is there a monster in Grandma’s house?” whispered Nathan.

“Maybe we better look.” Answered Abigail. Continue reading

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Coffee Mugs

I had loaded the dishwasher in the late afternoon. Was it only yesterday? School had dismissed, but he was still at work, and I was already thinking of dinner preparations. Then, the phone rang. It was one of his colleagues. … Continue reading

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Bright sunlight streams through the open blinds, But it’s dim in here. The spring wind rushes through the trees and around the house, But I’m surrounded by nagging whispers. It’s early afternoon, and we’ve just had lunch, The clouds are … Continue reading

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I don’t have many. I have quite a few acquaintances, but friends are hard to come by. I’ve recently been questioning why. Do I keep people at a distance, afraid of closeness, commitment, obligation? Are my expectations of friendship unrealistic? … Continue reading

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My Epic Battle with a House Centipede

Today, I woke up to see one of these on my ceiling. My hubby advised me NOT to climb up on a chair to spray it. Good thinking. He saved us from a trip to the E.R. Continue reading

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Unforgettable Baked Beans

Ahhhh… Baked Beans! I was talking with a couple of friends at work, and the subject of food came up. I work in a fast food restaurant, so this happens pretty often! Anyway, I mentioned how good our hamburgers would … Continue reading

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The Old Warrior

Saturday morning, I went downtown to purchase a homemade pumpkin pie. A nice young woman bakes them from fresh pumpkins, using an old family recipe. Then she sells them in front of the food co-op. While her kids were giggling and … Continue reading

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