My Epic Battle with a House Centipede

Today, I woke up to see one of these on my ceiling. house centipedeMy husband advised that Lysol would probably kill the creepy thing. He also advised me NOT to climb up on a chair to spray it. Good thinking. He saved us from a trip to the E.R. See, once I sprayed the Lysol, the many legged thing ran across the ceiling, toward ME! So, without any thought as to where I was going to land, I fled in a series of hop/steps, while babbling in a totally unfamiliar language. Hubby says I approximated the river dance. movie psycho scared face(Not a good thing to do from on top of a chair.)

Anyway, the thing was still on the ceiling, very much alive. I tried the Lysol again, with similar results, twice. Between fits of hysterical laughter, my speech was becoming more unintelligible and more banshee-like. The final spray attempt ended when I actually hit the creature. It twitched and fell from the ceiling, MUCH to close to me for comfort. The Lysol can went flying, as I screeched a desperate war whoop and leapt (most un-gracefully) out of range. I caught my breath and recovered from another paroxysm of laughter, and trailed my prey as it slowly crawled across the floor into our bathroom. One (or 3…or 4) good smack(s) with my slipper put the hairy little beastie out of its misery.

Throughout this epic battle, hubby is lying in bed, ROARING with laughter, and occasionally offering strategic advice. I could imagine how I appeared, and have dissolved into giggles several time since then.

After things calmed down, Hubby looked up the critter online. It’s known as a House Centipede (’cause they like to live in houses) and it can sting, but no worse than a bee. That being said, I’m not fond of being stung, so these scary things can live in our yard, garden, woodpile, etc. But NOT in the house of the River Dance Banshee. Lysol and slippers are always locked and loaded!!Home alone spider


About Gail

I'm married with 2 grown kids and their spouses. We have 3 adopted fur babies! I'm retired and have just embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! Brad and I are now full-time RVers! I spend my time walking the dogs, baking, crocheting, knitting, reading novels, and writing. I have a couple of chronic illnesses, so life can be challenging. I do my best to meet the challenges head on! This blog is where I can share different things that I learn along the way, as well as stories I make up! Thanks for joining me!
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7 Responses to My Epic Battle with a House Centipede

  1. spotonsite says:

    You are adorable!!!! This had me laughing out loud.


    • Gail says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! I knew it was hilarious to live it, but only hoped I could express it as well here. Thanks so much for the feedback. 🙂


  2. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Gail,
    That is one scary picture, the bottom one.
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  3. IAmDonovan says:

    I saw your link in the community pool and was hesitant to click out of fear of seeing a picture, but I needed to share my story with someone who gets it!
    I live in a basement this year and I am very afraid of spiders and bugs and insects. Like, it’s a major phobia. So last Friday night (yes, this is recent!) I was just sitting at my desk, watching a movie and out of the corner of my eye, I see one of those suckers scuttle across my floor. I gasp, leap onto my bed and just watch it in fear. After watching it crawl across my floor again, I text my landlord to see if someone can help me because by then I’ve started shaking and crying and didn’t know what to do. My landlord texted back saying she was out for the night and I knew my roommate (who is also scared) was gone for the weekend, so I was completely alone with this thing. I ended up grabbing a spray bottle of bug poison and facetiming my parents, who tried to calm me down over the phone because I was sobbing and scared and alone and I had lost track of the demon. It reappeared half an hour later and while still crying and saying “I can’t do this!” over and over, I drowned that sucker with my poison. There was a tiny puddle of smelly liquid surrounding this bug. Then I went and got a broom and dustpan and managed to transport it to a toilet where I flushed it away from me. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night staring at the floor in fear than back at the movie I had started.

    But your story has given me a new fear, as I didn’t think they can climb that well. One time I saw one on the wall of my shower but I figured the smooth damp shower wall is different from regular drywall. So thanks a lot! 😀


  4. Oh god, this story is horrible/hilarious, and that last comment, the same! I am the exact same way, and I too just had to deal with one of these demon bugs! So I’ll share my story too. 🙂 Hubby wasn’t home so I was on my own for this epic battle as well. I had just moved the shower curtain to turn on the tap when right by my hand, something *big* *moved* up the curtain. I freaked out, then wondered if I’d just seen a shadow, but shook the curtain and finally saw the huge thing fall into the tub! Pulled the curtain out, and it couldn’t climb the sides of the tub thank god, but also, even spraying it with the detachable sprayer, it wouldn’t go obediently down the drain to it’s death! So eventually I had to take a wad of toilet paper, grab it, and flush it, all whilst screaming my head off like a banshee of course. My god, we should start a support group or something!! 🙂
    Jamie Lyn Weigt | Writing Dragons Blog

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